Participants traverse through a pre-marked course in nature alternating between running and swimming. Swim legs may consist of long open ocean swims, rocky rivers or crystal-clear lakes while runs are on anything from roads, fire trails, technical rock scrambles or whatever nature puts in front of you. Athletes typically participate as a two-person team of men, women or mixed but individual options are also available.  


As a team, you must remain within 10-meters of each other, this is not a relay.You share the experience, the fun, the beauty and the suffering.  


Rules permit swim aids such as hand paddles, pull buoys, even fins if you are so inclined but there are no transition areas and all gear must stay with you for the entire course so choose wisely. Some small safety gear is also required such as a water proof compression bandage and whistle.


In the end, SwimRun is about taking on a challenge different from anything you’ve experienced before, sharing that journey and crossing the finish line exhausted and excited about what you just accomplished. 

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U.S. National SwimRun Championship
The best of the best! Top finishers from selected events qualify for free entry into the U.S. National SwimRun Championship hosted by IGNITE SwimRun Minnesota on August 29. The 2020 event is also a general entry race. 
U.S. National SwimRun Championship
ÖTILLÖ Merit Races
In all ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Merit races, teams collect points towards the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun ranking system. Teams are selected to ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship based on their ranking at the end of the year. Teams with ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Ranking points will be able to participate in the ÖTILLÖ Random Ticket Selection.
ÖTILLÖ SwimRun World Series