Mar 14

Partner for Ignite Maryland

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I am new to the sport of Swim/Run, but I have a fair amount of Triathlon experience under my belt. I am keen to race the full distance at Ignite Maryland, but I am in need of a partner!


I'm a decent athlete. My 1.2 mile 70.3 swim sits around 30-35 minutes and my half marathon around 1:45. Please contact me if interested!

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  • My usual SwimRun race partner just let me know that he won't be able to make it out to the Maryland race in May. I just wanted to put the feelers out to this group to see if you know anyone that wants to pair up with me for that race? My first SwimRun was on a co-ed team and every race since then has been a male team, but I'd like to race mixed again if I can find a compatible partner. I have a bit of SwimRun experience with 10 races under my belt, my mile swim is just over 20 minutes, and my 5k run is just under 20 minutes. Thanks! Kawika Tarayao ktarayao@gmail.com
  • I did SwimRun NC last year but my partner is not available to race this year. I am a 1:35ish-1:40ish half marathon and a 5:15-5:30 half iron. Interested in other races too. Thanks! -Doug Vreeland dvreeland001@gmail.com