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Can some one give details on how the 2 miles of swimming and 7 miles of running for the Block Island Short course is broken out? Thanks

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Hi Melanie. Great question! Below is a link to the interactive (ride with GPS) map that illustrates the short course IGNITE Rhode Island event. Also, here is the break down:



Run 1 (1.4mi)– Start to Andy’s Way To start your 2018 IGNITE Rhode Island experience, you will run mainly on Corn Neck Rd up to Andy’s Way. This is a standard run along a beach road with sand dunes on both sides. You’ll back to Andy’s Way later in the day.


Swim 1 (.5mi) – Great Salt Pond to Old Breach Cut Time to feel what SwimRun is all about and your first swim in your shoes is this 800m straight swim across the Great Salt Pond to the Old Breach Cut. Exiting can be simple or difficult depending on the tides.


Run 2 (.1mi)– Cross over W Beach Rd This is more of a scramble than a “run” and W Beach “Road” is more of a trail than a “road”. Large rounded rocks make up the beach here. Watch your footing and get prepared for your first taste of the Atlantic Ocean.


Swim 2 (.5mi) – West Beach Cove Aim for the transfer station during this swim across West Beach Cove. Wind direction plays a large part in how simple or difficult this swim is. All ocean swims will stay close to shore so feel free to stand-up and take a breather if you need it.


Run 3 (1.24mi/3.75)– Transfer Station to Andy’s Way Run 3 is different for Long and Short Course. Long Course teams will run back to Andy’s Way taking a right turn back onto Corn Neck Rd. Short Course teams will take a left and head up towards the North Lighthouse and Grove Point before turning around to head back to Andy’s Way.


Swim 3 (1.0) – Great Salt Pond to Mosquito Beach This is your longest swim of the day. The 1-mile swim in the Great Salt Pond is protected from the wind and is a good place to make up some time for the strong swimmers.


Run 4 (.5mi)– Mosquito Beach to Town Beach Once you exit the Great Salt Pond you will head back to the music and spectators near the start/finish area at Town Beach. As always, all roads are open to traffic so be cautious as your cross back over Corn Neck Rd.


Swim 4 (.3mi) – Town Beach to Beach Ave Back into the open ocean off of Town Beach. Teams will swim against the current to

Beach Ave. Be prepared for a longer swim than you predicted. Again, all ocean swims are no deeper than shoulder depth as you stay close to shore.


Run 5 (2.1mi/.36mi)– Beach Ave to Grace Cove OR (Short Course) Run to FINISH (.15-mi) For short course racers, it’s time to sprint. Once you exit the ocean you run across the sand dunes at Beach Ave, take a right turn onto Corn Neck Rd and run to the finish. Long course racers are just getting started. This is another road-based run that will take you to the east side of Block Island and Grace Cove.

Thanks so much - appreciate your level

of detail. What is the typical air and water temps around race day

Feb 27

@melanie.jhnsn1 - 2018 was the first year for this event/location. We had GREAT weather! Last year it was around 70 degrees and sunny. Water temp was mid 60s. Hope this helps.


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